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Clean Agent Waterless Systems Are Great for Businesses in the Ann Arbor Area


If your facility houses expensive computer equipment or fragile antique items, you may be hesitant to install water sprinklers for your fire management. You may also have some apprehension about the lingering effects of chemicals on your staff and the environment. The answer to these concerns is found in a clean agent system. Sometimes referred to as a gaseous fire suppression system, this method involves the use of inert gases and chemical agents. Through the use of storage containers, release valves, piping, nozzles and fire detectors, this type of fire protection releases the gases and chemicals immediately, flooding the area and extinguishing flames and sparks. Spears Fire & Safety Services in Ann Arbor recognizes the benefits of clean agents before offering them to our customers.

How They Benefit You

This method of fire protection is electrically non-conductive and non-corrosive. They are safe for use around people and do not leave any residue behind. A clean agent suppression system doesn’t deplete the ozone and has a relatively short atmospheric lifetime. If you are concerned about the use of water to protect equipment, papers or fragile items from fire, consider the installation of a brand such as the FM 200. As you visit with our technicians, we’ll provide you with information and guidance concerning the purchase and installation of this type of suppression method. In addition to discussing the options for sale, we’ll also talk with you about establishing a schedule for maintenance and the annual inspection before you buy. We perform the following:

  • Semiannual maintenance and inspection
  • Repair and recharge service
  • New system design and installation

Keeping You Safe

Visit with Spears Fire & Safety Services to learn more about our work as the best fire protection company in Ann Arbor. Give us a chance to help you improve the level of safety at your business or residence. Contact us by phone at 734-663-4133.